1. Applicants who wish to apply for endorsement of competition by SBDTA:-

    1.1 Must submit the application form (for event in the next calendar year) to SBDTA before the closing date on 31st December of current year.

    1.2 For late application, form must be submitted to SBDTA at least three (3) months before the date of competition.

    1.3 Make full payment of the endorsement fee to “Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers’ Association” at the time of application.

    1.4 Application is subject to approval by SBDTA management committee.

  2. Upon the approval by SBDTA, the organizer must:

    2.1 Invite at least two SBDTA members who are WDC registered international adjudicator to form the panel of adjudicators.

    2.2 Invite at least two SBDTA management committee members as guests at the competition. (Optional)

    2.3 A message by the President of SBDTA to be in the souvenir magazine.

    2.4 Provide SBDTA a complimentary full page advertisement. The message by the President of SBDTA can be included into this page.

    2.5 Indicate that the championship is endorsed by Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers’ Association (member of World Dance Council, Asia Pacific Dance Council & Asian Dance Council) in the competition’s magazine, entry forms, posters and all correspondence in relating to the competition.

    2.6 Proposals/Requests by the Organisers shall be made to Honourary Secretary at least 4 weeks before the date of the competition. The Management Committee shall have the sole discretion to approve such proposals/requests.

    2.7 Submit the results of the competition to SBDTA within two weeks from the date of the competition.

  3. Competition rules & regulations:

    3.1 Participants in the Pre-Beginner/Pre-Medallist and Beginner/Medallist categories must dance figures specified by the SBDTA.

    3.2 Participants in the Pre-Beginner/Pre-Medallist and Beginner/Medallist Beginner categories do not qualify to participate in other categories.

    3.3 Male participants in the Standard Pre-Beginner/Pre-Medallist and Beginner/Medallist categories to wear white/black long sleeve shirt and tie/bow-tie and/or vest with black long pants.

    3.4 Participants in the Amateur categories are qualified to participate in the Pre-Amateur categories only.

    3.5 Age limits:-

    3.5.1 Juvenile Both dancers must be 12 years & below

    3.5.2 Junior Both dancers must be 16 years & below

    3.5.3 Amateur (under 21 years) Both dancers must be 17 years & above and 21 years & below

    3.5.4 Senior Male dancer must be 45 years & above. Female dancer must be 35 years & above.

    3.5.5 Grand Snior Male dancer must be 55 years & above. Female dancer must be 45 years & above.

  4. The organizer may provide a copy of the result to teacher or competitor at an administrative fee of $5 per category.
  5. The organizer may charge the competitor a fee of $20 for one requested competitor tag number.

Endorsement Form of Championships