1. Basic Movements (Natural, Reverse, Side and Progressive)
  2. Whisks (also with Lady’s underarm Turn)
  3. Samba Walks (Promenade, Side and Stationary)
  4. Rhythm Bounce
  5. Volta Movements
  6. Travelling Bota Fogos Forward
  7. Criss Cross Bota Fogos (Shadow Bota Fogos)
  8. Travelling Bota Fogos Back
  9. Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade
  10. Criss Cross Voltas
  11. Solo Spot Volta
  12. Foot Changes
  13. Shadow Travelling Volta
  14. Reverse Turn
  15. Corta Jaca
  16. Closed Rocks
Note: Interpretation of timing, Changes of holdings & positions are NOT ALLOWED in the Bronze Medallist Specific Dance Syllabus.