SBDTA welcomes all dance teachers who are teaching either in Community Centres or privately, to unite and join the Singapore Ballroom Dance Teachers' Association, which is recognised by the World Dance & Dance Sport Council (London, U.K.) as the only governing body for Professional and Amateur Dance Sport in Singapore.

Overall Membership Benefits

  • Instant recognition of professionalism
  • Participation in championship events
  • Discounts on event ticket prices and merchandises

(Additional benefits for Ordinary Members)

  • Eligible for application of WDC licenses and competition
  • Represents Singapore at international/world events
  • Subsidies at world and Asia pacific events

(Additional benefits for Associate Members)

  • Eligible for ranking points and cash awards
  • Discounts at endorsed events
Membership Fees Ordinary Associate
S'pore Citizens/PRs Others S'pore Citizens/PRs Others
Entrance Fee S$100 S$200 S$20 S$20
Annual Subscription S$140 S$200 S$20 S$50